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Cats Gone Unripe Bananas!

Hello! The title of today’s post was almost suggested by Mr ACD. He took a quick look at the mani and said “cats gone bananas!” because the base was yellow. However, the base is in fact not yellow, it is a yellow-leaning green, hence the reference to being unripe.

The theme for the #clairestellechallenge8 today is “Black Caturday”. I’m going to be honest: this is one of three manis I did for this theme and not one of them clicked with me a 100%. Ah well, three manis is enough effort shown, I’d reckon.

The base is two coats of the beautiful Slime and Snails by Tonic Polish over nude undies. I’ve been waiting for this particular polish to release pretty much all year and finally got my hands on it earlier this month. It is a yellow-leaning spring-green coloured polish with vibrant peach shimmer.

Over this polish, I applied one coat of Uba Tuba, also by Tonic, a topper containing the blue-green unicorn pee sister pigment and irridescent flakies that shift aqua-blue-green. Next, I double-stamped an image from Born Pretty plate BP-L057, first in purple (Born Pretty purple #8) and then in AEngland Natasha’s Dance, a deep black-blue with holographic glitter. I applied a stripe down one side of the index finger to make it look like the catskeletons were walking in through a door. Not sure I love how it came out, but I can learn to live with it.

And that’s that. I’ll be posting the other two cat manis soon. Until the next post, stay spooky, cats!

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