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31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

I’m alive!!! The past month has been insane, but I survived & I’m back with the 31DC prompt of rainbow nails. Now, rainbow nails are definitely not my buzz, but I tried… I have two versions; one I did by mistake the week of the metallic prompt (on the left below), and then I redid that (pictures on the right) because I thought the pictures of the first set came out kind of blurry, but they didn’t really. Blame the caffeine.

I kind of like the first version with the studs better because it looks a little less dark, but the image pickup on that version is pretty bad if you look closely. I used my Creative Shop stamper in the second version and what a difference that made! I’m not sure if it’s the etching on these plates, but this particular image has been very challenging for me to pick up.

The base is three coats of Zoya Pixie dust in Lux; just look at all the beauty in that bottle! I stamped with Moyra Childhood (plate #18) and Born Pretty black stamping polish, then filled in the cat images with Sharpie markers. Here are some more shots; also, look how glittery that base is!

Which version do you like better?

If you would like to join in this weekly nail art challenge, post your pictures on your blog or other social media, and tag the picture with the hashtag #31dc2017weekly. Also, you can check out all my entries for the 31DC2017Weekly under the nail art tab at Nails → Nail Art → 31DC2017, my other nail art adventures at Nails → Nail Art → NOTW, or follow me on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) which I use exclusively for nail art.

7 thoughts on “31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

  1. My favorite is the first version- the nails with the men’s are so fun and pretty, plus they help to break up the business of the cat pattern and give the eyes an”break”, so to speak. Besides, jewels always add so much fun and sparkle! 😉 Great take on a rainbow mani! That cat pattern is adorable!


    1. I totally agree with you on the “giving eyes a break” point! And thank you; it IS an adorable pattern and I kept thinking about Grizabella the Glamour Cat! 😀 I just wish it had been a better pick-up, I don’t know what went wrong as Moyra plates are usually so well-etched and easy to work with 😦


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