Swatches & Bottleshots

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade

Hello! It’s been a rough couple of weeks with Baby ACD. We think she is teething, and has been very fussy, and I’ve barely had a moment to myself. Thankfully, Mr ACD just began his paternity leave and has been spending a lot of time looking after her, so I’ve had some relief this week. I even got to paint my nails yesterday, although I didn’t get as far as nail art…

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade - Bottle 1

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade - Bottle 2

Just look at all those colours! It’s like a rainbow in a bottle! Please excuse the lint on the bottle; but really, why would you even be looking at lint in the face of all these colours?!?!! This is Tonic Polish Peacock Parade, and it shifts from a brilliant green to teal to blue, purple, fuschia and even gold. Here it is in all its glory in the sunlight.

It is definitely the shiftiest multichrome I’ve seen and it is not unusual to see at least three different colours on a single nail at a time. This polish is said to contain three times the amount of multichrome pigment normally used, and was originally created as a group custom before being released to the general population. Sadly this polish is soon to be discontinued because this particular pigment is no longer available.

My swatches show one coat of Peacock Parade over a coat of black (Cirque Colors Memento Mori) and then top-coated.

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade - Swatch 1

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade - Swatch 2

Tonic Polish Peacock Parade - Swatch 3

I love multichrome polish as a rule and this one is no exception. It is very similar to ILNP Hush, which I also adore, but I think it is more shifty and more green (probably closer to ILNP Sirène with regards to the green content), and Hush does not have a gold shift as far as I recall. I’ll see if I can do a comparison at some point. That’s all for today, the baby is waking up!

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