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Dotty Grits

Hello! It’s been an insane couple of days, and I’ve finally managed to do my nails! It’s Thursday today, so I did a textured mani for #texturenailluminati.

The base is two coats of Zoya Juniper, one of their new Pixie Dusts from the Holiday 2018 collection. I was surprised to see it was a one-coater, although I did two for extra grit. I thought I would love the colour and I haven’t been disappointed in a Pixie Dust to date, but I guess there’s a first for everything!

Don’t get me wrong: it’s a beautiful polish and a beautiful colour, and I love how extra-textured it is. But it stained my nails despite two thick coats of base coat (I had read in reviews that this one is a stainer) and the formula was very thick and difficult to work with. Which is very sad because I do love this colour.

Over Juniper, I stamped a simple design using Moyou London Holy Shapes-11 and Born Pretty stamping polish in orange (#11). The orange was far from vibrant and couldn’t hold its own over the dark base, but I still like the end result.

I’m really torn about whether I should keep this polish or pass it on to someone who will love it better. The colour is totally my jam, but removal left me cursing because my nails and the skin surrounding it both got stained a sickly blue shade and I got glitter underneath my nails, and it was gross (shudder!). I think I’ve made up my mind…

What do you do when a polish you should love doesn’t quite feel right? Do you give it a second chance?

Until the next post, toodle-loo!

6 thoughts on “Dotty Grits

    1. I didn’t use a peel-off base coat that time, but will in the future. And a million more coats of regular base coat over that! I tend to avoid peel-off base coat nowadays bc with all the diaper changes and handwashing, manis don’t last very long when I do.

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