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Uncharacteristic Love

Hello, folks! Amidst the mountains of snow surrounding us, I bring to you very first Valentine’s Day manicure ever!

I have mentioned before that I often post texture manis on Thursdays for #texturenailluminati. Last week, D of Nailluminati fame suggested we do Valentine’s-themed manis since the 14th (today) is a Thursday. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and do some girly nail art. (On the actual day of today I’m wearing my “real” Valentine’s manicure, which will be my next post – and that one will convince you that one can only stray so far from their true selves! 😂).

The base is two coats of the lovely Tonic Polish Angelfish, a beautiful periwinkle base with vibrant pink shimmer, linear holographic glitter and colour-shifting flakies, sister to my very favourite Rainbowfish. I topcoated, let it dry completely, then used some heart-shaped nail stencils and Zoya Pixie Dust Oswin to make the hearts.

I actually really like this mani! I surprised myself, but I really do! I love the combination of red and periwinkle, how the texture stands out without taking too much away from the beautiful base and how unlike my usual repertoire this is!

On a side note, after my awful experience with Zoya Juniper, I needed another Pixie Dust polish to redeem the line and Oswin sure did that! At this point, I’m going to stop saying, “I normally don’t like red polish”, because ever since my indie journey began, I’ve discovered several I really like. Like many things in life, I guess it was about finding the right ones for me.

Speaking of the right one, what are your plans for Valentine’s? We are doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and that is our gift to each other. (I cannot even picture Mr ACD’s face if I did something romantic some year!!!! He might pack his bags and leave!)

I cannot wait to share my next post; it’s one I had a lot of fun with! Until then, toodles!

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