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31DC2016Weekly 16: Geometric

I crossed the halfway mark of this nail art challenge! Doing nails everyday seems to be getting easier; I’ve developed a whole work schedule that works in a little bit of nail art into breaks! It’s Day 16, and the prompt is geometric.

Now, before I show you what I came up with, I’ll give you a little background. I’ve been trying reverse or advanced nail stamping for a while without much success. Because the process is rather time-consuming, I move on to something else if I’ve failed once and try again another day. Reverse stamping is a process where you stamp an image onto your stamper instead of your nail, and then colour in with as many colours as you please. Next, you let it dry, then apply a top coat to your nail and proceed to stamp the coloured image onto your nail once the top coat is dry to the touch.You can get some very detailed manicures using this method; it is time-consuming but well worth the effort!

I decided to try again for this prompt and it worked! I only had enough patience to do this on one finger – the ring finger. Finally! I’m super thrilled & excited! And you know by now what I do when I’m excited: I use exclamation points at the end of every sentence! 😀

#31dc2016weekly 16 - Geometric#31dc2016weekly 16 - Geometric

The base colour is a gorgeous maroon polish with tiny flecks in it. It almost looks black, but when it catches the light, it develops some depth and the flecks show through. I love this polish (Sinful Colors in Rich In Heart), even though it is a nightmare to clean up. I stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On, and then filled in the squares with Sinful Colors in Gold Medal (for the ring finger) and Maybelline Color Show in Home Sweet Chrome for the remaining fingers & thumb.

As I mentioned, I only reverse stamped the ring finger. For the rest, I did the same process on the stamper, colouring in the squares with the chrome polish, then I applied a layer of top coat on it and let it dry. Once it was dry, I peeled off the decal and cut it into strips of varying width, and applied a strip to each finger. I really like how this turned out and hope to do more reverse stamping now that I seem to have gotten the hang of it (fingers crossed)! Let me know what you think of this!

If you would like to join in this weekly nail art challenge, post your pictures on your blog or other social media and tag the picture with the hashtag #31dc2016weekly. Secondly, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I usually add new nail art pictures to the gallery. I will not be doing this with the weekly challenge. These posts will all be available under the nail art tab [Nails → Nail Art → 31DC2016], and will not be displayed in the gallery.

Tell me what you think!

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