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Hello! It’s been super gloomy, rainy evolved to snowy here. I don’t mind the rain and snow too much, but I want the sun back! I think it’s affecting our moods as well: I’ve had a migraine for two days straight, Baby ACD has been whining non-stop just because, and Mr ACD is ranting about anything and everything!

To cheer myself up a tad, I thought I’d post these nails I did back in summer. I love the base colour, but the design also reminds me of snow.

The base is two coats of an unnamed prototype from Tonic Polish, a pretty sky blue with a faint greenish blue shimmer. I stamped over that with Moyra Black, Born Pretty White & Light Blue, and Hit The Bottle Barbie Doll-icious stamping polishes, using Clear Jelly Stamper plate-97 Life In Bloom.

Badly layered as this was, I really like how it has an abstract feel to it. This was a mani I didn’t end up taking too many pictures of for some reason.

So there you have it. I’ll be back soon with another layered mani from my early Clear Jelly Stamper days. Until then, keep healthy, safe and cheerful!

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