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Gothic Pumpkin

The theme for the #halloweenforever collab last month was glow-in-the-dark pumpkins. During the making of this mani, I came to realize just how few of my plates contain pumpkin images, especially Halloweeny ones! I decided to go with a Victorian/gothic vibe.

On my pinky finger, I am wearing two coats of L’Oreal Hidden Gems, a black texture polish with blue shimmer and black glitters. On my remaining fingers, I am wearing two coats of a shimmer-loaded light grey to mint green thermal proto polish by Tonic Polish. Because the thermal shift in this polish is so subtle, I didn’t even bother with transition pictures. Over this base, I applied a generous coat of Moyra’s glow-in-the-dark topper over the index and ring fingers before stamping.

On the ring and index fingers, I double-stamped the scrolls from Moyra Ornaments (plate-03) with Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes 022 (Clementine) and 036 (Midnight Rendezvous). On the middle finger, I have an image reverse-stamped from Creative Shop plate-149 with Moyra black stamping polish. I first filled the entire image in with glow-in-the-dark topper, then coloured in the pumpkin with the same orange stamping polish. For the leaves, I mixed some of the orange with the blue stamping polish to get a muted green.

I had the most difficult time photographing this mani in the dark to capture the glow. After many a failed attempt locked up in my laundry room, here’s my best shot:

Let me know what you think of this mani. Until the next post, toodles!

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