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Textured Chevron

Hello, folks! Don’t you just love how original the title of this post is??? Yes, it is reflective of just how brain-dead I am right now! It’s been a tough couple of days, but today takes the cake – which is ironic, since it’s my birthday today (chuckle… am I losing it?). Baby ACD has… Continue reading Textured Chevron

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31DC2017Weekly 12: Stripes

Hello & I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I know I’m super late, but here’s my nail art for week 12 of the 31dcweekly, for the prompt of stripes: The base colour is the gorgeous Emily de Molly Looks Can Kill. The maker describes it as a red jelly with pink-gold-green shimmer, but… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 12: Stripes

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31DC2016Weekly 12: Stripes

Day 12 of the nail art challenge, and the theme is stripes. When I looked at the list of prompts for this challenge, I didn’t give “stripes” a second thought because I thought it would be right up my alley. Wrong! This has been very difficult & frustrating! I patiently tried four different striped manicures… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 12: Stripes