Severed Witches’ Finger Cookies

Ding dong, the witch is dead, The wicked witch is dead! And, we’re eating her severed fingers for dessert! This recipe is a staple in my Halloween repertoire. These cookies – adapted from this recipe – are delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness, and are a breeze to make. In fact, I made… Continue reading Severed Witches’ Finger Cookies


Monsters Are Our Friends

Hello, there! I’m determined to ensure that Baby ACD not grow up with an irrational fear of monsters she cannot see (after all, aren’t the real monsters disguised as humans?), so I buy all kinds of monster-themed paraphernalia for her – onesies, hair clips, a series of books that narrate how different monsters face their… Continue reading Monsters Are Our Friends


Spoopy Spiders

The word “spoopy” is the latest addition to my vocabulary. It means spooky, but cute. So here I have for you some spoopy spiders for Halloween. What you will need: Oreo or other cream-filled cookies – 16 Mini pretzel sticks – 64 sticks (4 sticks per cookie) Moulding chocolate or candy melts – 2 cups… Continue reading Spoopy Spiders

Home Decor · Other Hobbies

Hairclip Organizer

Hello! This post has been patiently waiting to be published for months now. All I had left to do was take a picture of the final product, so here it is (finally)! There is a “myth” that says if a pregnant mother experiences a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, it is an indication that her… Continue reading Hairclip Organizer


Break Free

Hello, and welcome back to my Halloween nail art series. Today, I have a manicure that isn’t obviously Halloweeny but showcases my biggest fear – entrapment. Which means the next episode features Mr ACD’s. I would do Baby ACD’s too, but 1. I don’t feel I know her preferences quite as well yet 😉, and,… Continue reading Break Free


Normal Is An Illusion

Hello, folks! It’s really beginning to feel like winter is not too far off – we had flurries for a couple of minutes tonight! I’ve been bundling up Baby ACD and taking her out on walks to get her used to the cold. This evening, we took her out to experience her first snowfall –… Continue reading Normal Is An Illusion

Canada Day · Nails

Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

I think might be getting the hang of this motherhood thing! How do I know, you ask? Because last night, I managed to work in a full manicure (3 coats of polish, with base and top coat, and stamping) into the two hours between Baby ACD’s bedtime and mine. This too, through a couple of… Continue reading Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

Canada Day · Nails

The Ghost and The Darkness

Boo! This is the first of my Halloween manis this year. I love all things spooky and Halloweeny, and am always up for a dark mani! Those of you who are familiar with the 1996 movie that is the namesake to the title of this post will quickly see that this mani has absolutely nothing… Continue reading The Ghost and The Darkness

Nail Art

Springing Into Fall

Hello, folks! I have a lot of pent-up nail art energy right now and have been planning a bunch of Halloween manis that I will begin to do tonight (provided Baby ACD is on board with that plan!). So, I thought I’d share a couple of manis that I did in spring and get those… Continue reading Springing Into Fall