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Neon Leopard

Hello! Today, I am sharing with you something I have never done before: a leopard print mani! Words I never thought I’d share on my blog, because I don’t do leopard print. No judgement on those who love it, animal prints are just not for me… perhaps barring reptilian prints which I love.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the prompt for the matte mani collab that I try to participate in on Instagram was neon animal prints last month – two things I hardly ever put on my nails voluntarily. So I decided to dive in headfirst and step into my discomfort zone, for this wasn’t merely a matter of stepping outside my comfort zone! Nope, I crossed the chasm between comfort and discomfort and then landed on this mani!

I wanted a very sheer white base, but one coat left streaks on my nails so I went back in with a thicker second coat of OPI Funny Bunny. Over that, I stamped the dots using one of my newly-acquired Clear Jelly Stamper layering plates; how many of such CjS plates I acquired recently is a story for another day. (Spoiler: Way too many!)

The plate I used is CjS-77, and is called Texture Essentials – Wild Kingdom. I’ll confess, it took me many tries to align the coloured and the black layers! For the black part, I used my usual black stamping polish, Moyra Black. For the coloured dots, I used Born Pretty Turquoise (#18) and Light Purple (#08), and Hit The Bottle The Yolk Is On You, Barbie Doll-icious and Slime After Slime. Of course, I topped it off with matte top coat as it was for the #mattemanimoms collab.

I ended up really liking this one! Especially more so as I’ve recently been working on taking sharper photos of my nails and love how these photos turned out.

Do you love animal prints? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments! And until the next post, stay safe and healthy!

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