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Spaced Out

Hello! I’m in dire need of some quality sleep and am harbouring feelings of dislike and resentment towards my dissertation at the moment. At this point, I no longer care about quality and just want this behind me. Mr ACD had the day off on Friday, in addition to the Victoria Day holiday tomorrow (Monday),… Continue reading Spaced Out

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Galaxy or Deep Blue Sea?

Hello! Today’s mani is a big favourite and because I have so much to share about the manicure itself, I will not partake in my usual ramblings. Brace yourselves, this post is very picture-heavy! I don’t know about you, but this is easily one of my favourite manis ever! It is some kind of a… Continue reading Galaxy or Deep Blue Sea?

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31DC2017Weekly 19: Annual Galaxy Nails

I really love galaxy nails, yet I never seem to think of doing them unless prompted by the dear 31DCWeekly each year! I decided to go super-sparkly today and used almost all holo polishes for a blingy mani 😀 The base polish is A-England Natasha’s Dance. I sponged on the galaxy using A-England Queen Of… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 19: Annual Galaxy Nails

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31DC2016Weekly 23: Inspired by a movie

Last month, we went to a Cirque du Soleil show called Toruk, based on James Cameron’s movie, Avatar (and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!). I wanted to do this manicure for the show, but could not manage the time. So, for this week’s 31DC inspiration (movie), I chose Avatar. I went the Pandora-at-night route because I think… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 23: Inspired by a movie

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31DC2016Weekly 19: Galaxy Nails

This is it: I’ve finally caught up with the others doing the weekly version of the 31 DNAC. This is the last prompt I was lagging behind on, and tomorrow I’ll post this week’s prompt: watermarble nails. I’ve been excited about today’s manicure for a while: galaxy nails. So much so, that I decided to… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 19: Galaxy Nails