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Brushstrokes in Metal

Hello! I’m having one of those days when nothing is easy. Probably something to do with baby needing to be held all of last night, which I spent on the rocking chair. So here’s one of my favourite manis of recent times to cheer myself up. It’s got no stamping and was a quick freehand… Continue reading Brushstrokes in Metal

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ABC Challenge: U is for Undead

I love Halloween and spooky things in general, so it’s been killing me to not have done a single Halloween manicure so far this year! Even though the whole month rushed by, it’s never too late (plus the new season of The Walking Dead just came out), so U is for Undead! Gaaahhhhhh! The base… Continue reading ABC Challenge: U is for Undead

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31DC2016Weekly 7: Black & White

A whole week of doing nails each day; whew! I normally do my nails once a week, with 3-4 days of off-time, and the thought of using nail polish remover each day is upsetting me! I know plenty of people do their nails every day or several times a week; I guess it’s just a… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 7: Black & White

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31DC2016Weekly 3: Yellow

The prompt for day #3 of the 31 day nail art challenge is “yellow”. I’ve been meaning to try two new techniques for weeks now – dry brushing and fishtail braids (and no, I’m not talking about hair!). Earlier this week, I saw Flight of Whimsy’s beautiful braid manicure and got inspired! So today, I… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 3: Yellow