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31DC2017Weekly 18: V-Moons Inspired By Bath & Body Works

The prompt for the 31DC this week is half-moons, and I decided to go with v-moons — triangular-shaped half-moons. I picked up a tube of body cream from Bath & Body Works last weekend, and this nail art was inspired by the design on the tube. The base is three coats of ILNP Clever Girl,… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 18: V-Moons Inspired By Bath & Body Works

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31DC2017Weekly 4: Springing Green

Hello, and welcome back to yet another week of the 31DC2017Weekly! We’re doing green nails this week and technically it is supposed to be spring, so I’ll ignore the raging blizzard outside & post this springy manicure: On my thumb, index & pinky fingers, I’m wearing two coats of the gorgeous Reminisce by ILNP. (I… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 4: Springing Green

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DIY Nail Art Board

Hello, all you nail artists out there! I made this nail art practice board for myself this week & thought I’d share with you. Silicone nail art mats can be used for swatching, nail art practice and making nail stickers/decals, and most sell for $10 or more. I recently saw this video (skip to 1:46… Continue reading DIY Nail Art Board