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Hello, folks! I feel as if it has been aeons since I posted a mani on the same day I did it. But, miracles do happen, and here I am doing just that! It has been warm out (relatively, only about 0°C at the moment), but I’ve really been feeling this frosty, snowflake-y mani. Sometimes,… Continue reading Frosty

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NOTW: Roses Mani For Facebook Group

Roses and I have never quite gotten along. I’ve always thought they are a bit overrated. I think I’ve moved away from active dislike and towards indifference over the years, but I don’t usually gravitate towards rose patterns. Then came my Drk Nails Designer 1 plate, with a gorgeous image of wild roses and I… Continue reading NOTW: Roses Mani For Facebook Group

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31DC2017Weekly 18: V-Moons Inspired By Bath & Body Works

The prompt for the 31DC this week is half-moons, and I decided to go with v-moons — triangular-shaped half-moons. I picked up a tube of body cream from Bath & Body Works last weekend, and this nail art was inspired by the design on the tube. The base is three coats of ILNP Clever Girl,… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 18: V-Moons Inspired By Bath & Body Works

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31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

I’m alive!!! The past month has been insane, but I survived & I’m back with the 31DC prompt of rainbow nails. Now, rainbow nails are definitely not my buzz, but I tried… I have two versions; one I did by mistake the week of the metallic prompt (on the left below), and then I redid… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

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31DC2017Weekly 7: Black & White

Hello! As they say, when it rains, it pours; and so it is with my blogging this week. I not only posted thrice this week, but the two I did today were rather wordy. Mr. ACD is away for the weekend, and I haven’t really spoken much for two days now; my brain is not… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 7: Black & White

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ABC Challenge: K is for Knitting

I was having so much fun seeing the weekly alphabet-inspired manicures for the ABC Challenge that Nails by Latoya is doing, that I just had to join in! I’m starting with the letter K (where the others are now) and moving forward, but I might go back and do A-J if I can manage the… Continue reading ABC Challenge: K is for Knitting

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DIY Sharpie Mug & Bowl

I recently learnt how to make DIY Sharpie mugs, and just couldn’t wait to make one! You know that feeling when you’re itching to try something out, but all your mugs at home are black and you also really don’t want one more new mug? Ugh! So when my friend’s birthday came up, I figured… Continue reading DIY Sharpie Mug & Bowl