Almost Neon

Hello, folks! Mr ACD had the day off work today, my parents are here and the weather was lovely, all factors that made today a relaxing and memorable day! Oh, and my favourite coffee shop in town was renovated and now is even more charming than it was before. I had almost forgotten that it’s… Continue reading Almost Neon

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Teal & Orange Fluid Art

Hello! It’s time for another Fluid Friday manicure! The chosen colour palette this week is one of my favourite pairings ever – teal and orange, with a bit of silver thrown in for good measure. I forgot to take macro shots of the decals I made – worst blogger ever! I particularly love the close-up… Continue reading Teal & Orange Fluid Art

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Nectar, a.k.a. Floral Fluid

Hello! It’s Friday again, and as of last week, I have decided to try and participate in as many #fluidartfridays as I can manage in order to get some practice. It’s a technique I’ve been wanting to dabble in for a while and am really enjoying it so far. However, I’m on a steep learning… Continue reading Nectar, a.k.a. Floral Fluid

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Embroidered Silk Dress

Hello, folks! I’m in the middle of a very social day today. Baby ACD had a playdate in the morning, another one is coming up soon and then I’ll have a friend visit (baby – no one visits to see the mister & myself anymore!). Baby is worn out already and passed out in the… Continue reading Embroidered Silk Dress

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31DC2017Weekly 21: Inspired By A Colour

I knew I was going to use this polish for the colour inspiration prompt as soon as I placed my order several months ago — this is An Unexpected Journey by Glam Polish. This is one of those of shades I almost think of as a lack of colour; mind you, that’s not the same… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 21: Inspired By A Colour

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31DC2017Weekly 20: Watermarble Skittlette

Watermarbles… I cannot complain that I have the worst experience with them, but I definitely lack experience. For a grand total of six or seven watermarble designs I’ve attempted in my life, I know only two patterns — stripes and random marble. So, this time, I wanted to try the classic watermarble petals because one… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 20: Watermarble Skittlette

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Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

Can you tell I’m running out of titles for my series of Canada Day manicure ideas? (This is the 10th one! Check some other ideas out here, here, here and here.). For this look, I injected a little bit of black into the mix. The base colour on my thumb, index and pinky fingers is… Continue reading Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

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French Manicure For Canada Day With Maple Leaf Accent

I’m back today with the first of two more manicure ideas for Canada Day. This one is a classic french manicure, with a maple twist 🙂 This is one of the rare occasions when I didn’t wear a base coat! I made the french tips with Sinful Colours Snow Me White, then neatened the smile… Continue reading French Manicure For Canada Day With Maple Leaf Accent

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31DC2017Weekly 13: Sending Love & Hisses

Hello, folks! I’m here with the prompt of animal print for the 31DCweekly today, and this one’s always a challenge because I am not into animal prints at all! I do like them on animals, mind you, just not on people!!! So, for the second year, I decided to do snakeskin nails because snakes are… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 13: Sending Love & Hisses

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31DC2016Weekly 20: Watermarble

The prompt for this week was “watermarble” nails; another first for me! I was very intimidated by this because of the mess it seems to make and because I had read about people’s issues with getting the polish to spread on the water surface. The wonderful thing about the world today is that you get… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 20: Watermarble