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A Plaid Kick

Hello, folks! I’ve really been on a plaid kick and did a bunch of plaid manis back to back. I recently found out there’s a matte mani collaboration on Instagram, and given how much I love matte, how could I refrain from joining? The theme for November was recreation of a friend’s mani (in fall… Continue reading A Plaid Kick

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NOTW: Butterfly Blobbicure

Hello, there! I’ve been getting into blobbicures recently. They are very easy to do and can look really organic & nice. I saw a video by Eugenia (@laqvid) recently — she does the most amazing blobbicures & wet-on-wet manis — and decided to give this design a try: I’m very happy with how this turned out,… Continue reading NOTW: Butterfly Blobbicure

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NOTW: Re-creation of “Magic Polish’s” Mani

Hiya, folks! I’m back with another weekly mani, this time a re-creation of one by the immensely talented @magic.polish on Instagram. They are hosting a giveaway to celebrate reaching 10k followers, and this is my entry for the giveaway. Here it is, along with an inlay of their’s: To do this, I applied a base… Continue reading NOTW: Re-creation of “Magic Polish’s” Mani