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31DC2017Weekly 10: Rainbow Gradient

My mother says I must have been born upside down. As soon as I’m told not to do something, that’s the only thing in the world that appeals to me. So, today, on this day of mothers, I present the one thing I wasn’t ever going to do voluntarily: a rainbow gradient! Happy Mothers’ Day,… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 10: Rainbow Gradient

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31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

I’m alive!!! The past month has been insane, but I survived & I’m back with the 31DC prompt of rainbow nails. Now, rainbow nails are definitely not my buzz, but I tried… I have two versions; one I did by mistake the week of the metallic prompt (on the left below), and then I redid… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 9: Feline Rainbow

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31DC2016Weekly 9: Rainbow

I’ve been waiting for this day of the challenge – rainbow nails! I’m normally not a rainbow nails kind of person & would find this day of the challenge rather intimidating. However, I saw a tutorial for Japanese watercolour nails a couple of months ago by Jasmine Oshima, founder of Neiru, a website that hosts… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 9: Rainbow