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Lunar New Year

Hello, folks! I’m a day late, but a very happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year to you! This month, the prompt for the #halloweenforevercollab on Instagram was rats, since it is the year of the rat in the lunar calendar. I overthought this mani wildly, and ended up with zero terrifying ideas, so I just went… Continue reading Lunar New Year

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Hello! I am perpetually impressed by babies’ determination and grit. Today, I served Baby ACD spaghetti for lunch and didn’t even bother offering her utensils. I assumed she would go at it with her hands. Not only did she ask for a fork, she refused to use her hands at all, despite the fact that… Continue reading Zodiac


In Glowing Terms

I’ve been busy with guests these past few weeks. It’s getting quite chilly here – in fact, we even had a day of snow a couple of weeks ago. It was Baby ACD’s first experience of being out in the snow. My cousin was visiting that weekend with her family, and it her was children’s… Continue reading In Glowing Terms