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31DC2017Weekly 10: Rainbow Gradient

My mother says I must have been born upside down. As soon as I’m told not to do something, that’s the only thing in the world that appeals to me. So, today, on this day of mothers, I present the one thing I wasn’t ever going to do voluntarily: a rainbow gradient! Happy Mothers’ Day,… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 10: Rainbow Gradient

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31DC2016Weekly 25: Inspired by fashion

The prompt for this week is “inspired by fashion” and the first thought that jumped into my mind was to do a manicure based on one of the many gorgeous outfits Eva Green’s character in Penny Dreadful wears. Despite its shortcomings, I rather like the show, and I spend a sizeable portion of my time… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 25: Inspired by fashion

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ABC Challenge: L is for Lace

Hello, folks! This is my second installment of the ABC Challenge and the prompt is the letter, L. Since I haven’t yet tested out all the images on my lace stamping plates, L had to be for Lace! The base colour is Sally Hansen CSM in Dark Hue-Mor, a deep navy blue that almost looks… Continue reading ABC Challenge: L is for Lace

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31DC2016Weekly 15: Delicate Print

I love lace, so much so that I recently purchased a set of 10 lacy stamping plates. So when I saw today’s prompt, delicate print, I had to do a sheer lace manicure! As you can see, I kind of tried to obliterate the pattern on my ring finger, but I think it turned out… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 15: Delicate Print