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DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

If you like a little bit of a spa experience at home, this one is for you. These sugar scrub bars are super easy to make, require no precision whatsoever and use ingredients you probably have lying around at home. They make for a decadent pamper session for yourself, as well as a thoughtful gift… Continue reading DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

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Crochet Baby Blanket

Hello, beautiful people, and Happy Saturday! It has been more than three months since I did one of my Saturday non-nail blog posts & it feels so good to be back! Here’s hoping I can get into a regular schedule again. Today, I’m just sharing some pictures of a baby blanket I made for my… Continue reading Crochet Baby Blanket

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DIY Soap Base From Plain Soap Bars: Updated

Hello, folks! Here is another DIY tutorial, but it is more about reshaping than actual creation – I take plain, boring, rectangular and generic bars of soap, and reshape them into cute and fun bars that you can customize to blow your guests’ minds and/or to give away as gifts to the special people in… Continue reading DIY Soap Base From Plain Soap Bars: Updated