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A Grave Misunderstanding

Hello, folks! It seems I may have misunderstood the instructions to socially distance and extended them to social media as well! Oopsie! Better late than never, right? Jokes aside, how have you all been? I have sorely missed this blog and nail art and downtime in general. I began a new job in March, and… Continue reading A Grave Misunderstanding

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Night Elf Duo By Treo Lacquer

*PR Sample Hello, folks! Today I have for you my very first swatching gig! I was kindly sent the Night Elf duo by Amanda of Treo Lacquer. These are two thermal polishes inspired by Tyrande Whisperwind and her husband, Malfurion Stormrage, from the World of Warcraft. Both polishes shift from a clear/pale grey in the… Continue reading Night Elf Duo By Treo Lacquer

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Faith, Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

Hello, folks! I had not quite intended to post on two consecutive days, but I did a mani for an Instagram friend’s birthday and I only realized her birthday was yesterday after I had posted my last mani. The goal was to recreate one of the birthday girl’s manis, and I chose this lovely delicate… Continue reading Faith, Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

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I Want To Believe…

Hello, folks! I’m back with yet another mani. This is for the #halloweenforevercollab on Instagram. This is a monthly collaboration of Halloween nail art lovers and the theme this month was aliens. This is my first time participating in this collab, and I can safely say it won’t be the last! The base is three… Continue reading I Want To Believe…

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Of Chiropods

Hiya! It’s Halloween in April here on my blog. I love nothing better than Halloween nail art, so when I saw Creative Shop’s prompt of “things that scare you the most” for this week’s giveaway, I had to partake! In this mani, I feature some (centi?)millipedes. Technically, chiropods are not my biggest fear, but they… Continue reading Of Chiropods

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31DC2017Weekly 21: Inspired By A Colour

I knew I was going to use this polish for the colour inspiration prompt as soon as I placed my order several months ago — this is An Unexpected Journey by Glam Polish. This is one of those of shades I almost think of as a lack of colour; mind you, that’s not the same… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 21: Inspired By A Colour

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Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

Can you tell I’m running out of titles for my series of Canada Day manicure ideas? (This is the 10th one! Check some other ideas out here, here, here and here.). For this look, I injected a little bit of black into the mix. The base colour on my thumb, index and pinky fingers is… Continue reading Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

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31DC2017Weekly 17: Glittering French Mani & Canada Day

Hiya, folks! It’s yet another week of the 31dcweekly and it’s the big Canada Day celebration this weekend. I’m super excited, and am looking forward to a day out (amidst potential thunderstorms, yay!??!!) and most of all, the fireworks! So, this week, I’ve combined the 31dc prompt with one of six more Canada Day nail… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 17: Glittering French Mani & Canada Day

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NOTW: Dessert Sands

Hello, folks! I chopped off my long nails on a whim late last week, in the spirit of spring & new beginnings. I regretted it almost immediately, but am beginning to appreciate how I can be a little less careful in day-to-day activities now that I have much shorter nails. This manicure is the last… Continue reading NOTW: Dessert Sands

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ABC Challenge: R is for Reverse-Stamping

The ABC Challenge is back on after a month-long break! This week’s prompt is the letter R and I’m going for a reverse-stamped skittlette manicure. On my ring and index fingers, I reverse-stamped two images from the Born Pretty aztec plate (BP-L010) using Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Re-Teal Therapy and Black to Black, and… Continue reading ABC Challenge: R is for Reverse-Stamping