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My Marble-ous Mani

The other day, I was browsing the web and I came upon something called a “pun generator”. Basically, you enter a word into the generator, and it tells you what words you can play upon and suggests a number of puns. As you can tell from the marble-ous title of this post, I have a… Continue reading My Marble-ous Mani

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A Tonic Concoction

Hello, all! Now that Baby ACD has mastered crawling and moved on to attempting to stand on her own without support – often while pirouetting on her tiny toes – I’ve been hard-pressed to multitask during the day. And since all this brain development means she often does not sleep well at night and I… Continue reading A Tonic Concoction

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31DC2017Weekly 1: Red Blobbicure

Hello, folks! I’m kicking off the weekly version of the 31-day nail art challenge 2017 (aka, 31DC2017Weekly) with a marbled blobbicure inspired by the amazing Colette (@mysimplelittlepleasures), who, in turn, credits it to Eugenia (@laqvid). Now, in case you’re wondering where the red is: I assure you, the base colour is a deep, rich burgundy… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 1: Red Blobbicure