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NOTW: Dessert Sands

Hello, folks! I chopped off my long nails on a whim late last week, in the spirit of spring & new beginnings. I regretted it almost immediately, but am beginning to appreciate how I can be a little less careful in day-to-day activities now that I have much shorter nails. This manicure is the last… Continue reading NOTW: Dessert Sands

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31DC2017Weekly 5: Blue Diapers??!?!

Continuing with the accidental trend of white middle & ring fingers for the colour prompts of the 31DC, I made a quick & easy stamping mani this morning. I enthusiastically sent my sister a picture right away, as I often do, and she said they reminded her of diapers! Oh well, as long as it’s… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 5: Blue Diapers??!?!