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Hairclip Organizer

Hello! This post has been patiently waiting to be published for months now. All I had left to do was take a picture of the final product, so here it is (finally)! There is a “myth” that says if a pregnant mother experiences a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, it is an indication that her… Continue reading Hairclip Organizer

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DIY Sharpie Mug & Bowl

I recently learnt how to make DIY Sharpie mugs, and just couldn’t wait to make one! You know that feeling when you’re itching to try something out, but all your mugs at home are black and you also really don’t want one more new mug? Ugh! So when my friend’s birthday came up, I figured… Continue reading DIY Sharpie Mug & Bowl

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Home Office Decor Series #5: Owl String Art

Hello! I missed my weekly Saturday post this week, boo! Better late than never, so I’m posting the last installment of my Office Series. The star of today’s post is the pink string art owl piece at the top right, although at the very end I will show you a picture of the yellow piece… Continue reading Home Office Decor Series #5: Owl String Art