Normal Is An Illusion

Hello, folks! It’s really beginning to feel like winter is not too far off – we had flurries for a couple of minutes tonight! I’ve been bundling up Baby ACD and taking her out on walks to get her used to the cold. This evening, we took her out to experience her first snowfall –… Continue reading Normal Is An Illusion

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31DC2017Weekly 16: Primarily Geometric

I’m going through a bit of a nail art slump. I think between this challenge and the daily swatches I’ve been doing for an untrieds challenge on Instagram, I’ve been dedicating too much of my brainspace to planning out nail polish. This was the third manicure I did for the geometric prompt of the 31DC,… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 16: Primarily Geometric

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NOTW: The Tell-Tale Heart

Ever since I bought Zoya Pixie Dust Lorna, I’ve been thinking of a glittering, shimmering heart. Incidentally, I did this mani the day after Valentine’s Day this year. Unfortunately, that was a very busy day for me and I ended up taking very hurried, very bad pictures. I only managed to salvage three near-workable ones,… Continue reading NOTW: The Tell-Tale Heart

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NOTW: Hipster Skittlette

Hello, folks! After a (unintentionally) long hiatus, I’m back! After I got back from my vacation in the first week of January, I’ve been busy catching up and haven’t had time to post even though I have been engaging in postable activites. 😀 The manicure I’m featuring today was the first one I did after… Continue reading NOTW: Hipster Skittlette