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Magnetic Blobs

Hello! My second month participating in the #magneticmagicnail collaboration on Instagram and the theme was to play with magnets. It was an exercise in learning to use our magnets better and highlight the nail art possibilities simply with the use of magnets rather than other tools. Rest assured, many of us in the collab overthought… Continue reading Magnetic Blobs

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Springing Into Fall

Hello, folks! I have a lot of pent-up nail art energy right now and have been planning a bunch of Halloween manis that I will begin to do tonight (provided Baby ACD is on board with that plan!). So, I thought I’d share a couple of manis that I did in spring and get those… Continue reading Springing Into Fall

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NOTW: Butterfly Blobbicure

Hello, there! I’ve been getting into blobbicures recently. They are very easy to do and can look really organic & nice. I saw a video by Eugenia (@laqvid) recently — she does the most amazing blobbicures & wet-on-wet manis — and decided to give this design a try: I’m very happy with how this turned out,… Continue reading NOTW: Butterfly Blobbicure

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31DC2017Weekly 1: Red Blobbicure

Hello, folks! I’m kicking off the weekly version of the 31-day nail art challenge 2017 (aka, 31DC2017Weekly) with a marbled blobbicure inspired by the amazing Colette (@mysimplelittlepleasures), who, in turn, credits it to Eugenia (@laqvid). Now, in case you’re wondering where the red is: I assure you, the base colour is a deep, rich burgundy… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 1: Red Blobbicure