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A Hole In The World

There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit that’s filled with people who are filled with shit, and the vermin of the world inhabit it. Hello, folks! Sweeney Todd has to be one of my most favourite musicals of all time, right up there with Cats and Sunday In The Park With… Continue reading A Hole In The World

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Another Pillar Of Success

Hello, folks! If failure is the pillar of success, then I’m another step closer to epic success with this mani I have to share today. I did this for the prompt of paisley for the #clairestelle8challenge and while there is nothing wrong with it per se, but I kinda hate it! The base is a… Continue reading Another Pillar Of Success

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Celtic Glow

Hello! I hope you’re having a good weekend! I didn’t manage to do nail art for Fluid Friday this week, although I did get as far as making the decals. Friday was a very busy day and I didn’t even have time for lunch. I put the final finishing touches on my dissertation and it’s… Continue reading Celtic Glow

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Magnetic Loops

Hello! I’m in bed, perched on my side as baby nurses, and unable to fall asleep in this oh-so-comfortable position, so I thought I’d quickly post this mani that I did last week (or was it the week before?). This was my first time experimenting with using magnetic polish to stamp, and I’m very happy… Continue reading Magnetic Loops

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My Marble-ous Mani

The other day, I was browsing the web and I came upon something called a “pun generator”. Basically, you enter a word into the generator, and it tells you what words you can play upon and suggests a number of puns. As you can tell from the marble-ous title of this post, I have a… Continue reading My Marble-ous Mani

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31DC2017Weekly 19: Annual Galaxy Nails

I really love galaxy nails, yet I never seem to think of doing them unless prompted by the dear 31DCWeekly each year! I decided to go super-sparkly today and used almost all holo polishes for a blingy mani 😀 The base polish is A-England Natasha’s Dance. I sponged on the galaxy using A-England Queen Of… Continue reading 31DC2017Weekly 19: Annual Galaxy Nails

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NOTW: Lay Up or Out in Lavender?

Here’s our monthly lesson in English idioms. To “lay something up in lavender”, means to store away carefully for future use and originates from the custom of storing fabric and other items with lavender in an attempt to preserve them or keep them smelling fresh. On the other hand, to “lay someone out in lavender”… Continue reading NOTW: Lay Up or Out in Lavender?

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NOTW: Feathers in Ink

With the eleven Canada Day manicures and the month-long swatching of untried polishes on Instagram, I’ve been wearing too many colours that aren’t quite me. Today, I have a simple stamped manicure in my colours: The base is a polish I’ve waited months to get hold of: Tonic Polish Greenglow. I accidentally stumbled upon it… Continue reading NOTW: Feathers in Ink