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Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

I think might be getting the hang of this motherhood thing! How do I know, you ask? Because last night, I managed to work in a full manicure (3 coats of polish, with base and top coat, and stamping) into the two hours between Baby ACD’s bedtime and mine. This too, through a couple of… Continue reading Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

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The Ghost and The Darkness

Boo! This is the first of my Halloween manis this year. I love all things spooky and Halloweeny, and am always up for a dark mani! Those of you who are familiar with the 1996 movie that is the namesake to the title of this post will quickly see that this mani has absolutely nothing… Continue reading The Ghost and The Darkness

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Fireworks Mani For Canada Day

This is the final manicure idea for Canada Day tomorrow, but would also work for the Fourth of July (or New Year’s!). I had originally thought I’d do two more manicures today, but just can’t make the time, so I’ll end this series with my favourite thing about Canada Day: fireworks! Check some other ideas… Continue reading Fireworks Mani For Canada Day

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Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

Can you tell I’m running out of titles for my series of Canada Day manicure ideas? (This is the 10th one! Check some other ideas out here, here, here and here.). For this look, I injected a little bit of black into the mix. The base colour on my thumb, index and pinky fingers is… Continue reading Black, White & Red Canada Day Manicure

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French Manicure For Canada Day With Maple Leaf Accent

I’m back today with the first of two more manicure ideas for Canada Day. This one is a classic french manicure, with a maple twist 🙂 This is one of the rare occasions when I didn’t wear a base coat! I made the french tips with Sinful Colours Snow Me White, then neatened the smile… Continue reading French Manicure For Canada Day With Maple Leaf Accent

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Simple Canada Day Mani

Hello, again! Here’s a simple stamped mani idea for Canada Day: The base polish is three coats of KBShimmer Yeti or Not, a very pale grey (almost white) holographic polish with a slightly textured finish. I stamped over that with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Rapid Red and an image of maple leaves from Aliexpress… Continue reading Simple Canada Day Mani

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Canada Day Nail Vinyls Giveaway & Nail Art Ideas

Hello, lovely people! As you may know, Canada’s big 150th birthday is coming up in about two weeks’ time and my beautiful city of Ottawa is a-buzzin’! As part of the celebration, the kind folks at Nail Polish Canada want to make sure that as many people as possible go around sporting Canada Day-nail art… Continue reading Canada Day Nail Vinyls Giveaway & Nail Art Ideas