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Berry-White Chocolate Soft-Baked Cookies

What do you call a dessert that’s too soft to be called a scone, yet too firm to be called cake? I’m going with delicious! The backstory: I was craving a scone, and found Barry C. Parsons’ raspberry-white chocolate scone recipe on the Rock Recipes website. While I have no doubt that this recipe is… Continue reading Berry-White Chocolate Soft-Baked Cookies


Fancy Sugar Cubes

Hello! I hope you’ve been having a good week! I’ll take a short break from the office decor series this week and present you with something sweet: sugar cubes! Although… come to think of it, is it really a divergence? … Office → Coffee/Tea → Sugar Cubes! I’ve been thinking about a little tea party… Continue reading Fancy Sugar Cubes

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Breaded Tofu Sticks & Chicken Strips

Hello, folks! I am back with yet another recipe. I am trying to get into a routine where I write each Saturday, so this makes my third post this week! I haven’t really done anything creative in the last few days, but I made these appetizers last week for some friends who came to dinner,… Continue reading Breaded Tofu Sticks & Chicken Strips

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1-Month Special, Part 2: Baked Alaska

Hello, again, and welcome to part 2 of my dessert special to celebrate a month of this blog! Presenting to you, the infamous and scrumptious Baked Alaska! I once read in an article that the baked Alaska is to the food world what a unicorn is to the… err… rest of the world; most people… Continue reading 1-Month Special, Part 2: Baked Alaska

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1-Month Special, Part 1: Swiss Meringue

Hello, folks! Last Friday (April 22) marked exactly a month since I published my first blog post! To celebrate, I’ll be posting a 2-part dessert special this week. In part 1 (this post), I talk about swiss meringue; one of my favourite things in the world to make, look at, eat and philosophize over. Read… Continue reading 1-Month Special, Part 1: Swiss Meringue

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Mixed Seafood with Glass Noodles

I have been having a busy week and was looking to make something simple & easy for dinner last night. I had also promised my friend that my next post would be a recipe. That made for the perfect opportunity to try something new, but simple enough that it could be whipped up in minutes, with… Continue reading Mixed Seafood with Glass Noodles