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Hello! I haven’t participated in any nail art collabs since February, and finally managed to get manis done (and on time!) for both the #halloweenforever and the #mattemanimoms collabs! Yay! In fact, my last post was a mani I had originally done for the #mattemanimoms theme of abstract nails, but I didn’t send it in on time.

Today’s post is my entry for the #halloweenforever collab on Instagram. The theme this month was… uh… eyeballs, but I got so excited about the eye part that I just didn’t see the rest of that word! 🤣

On all nails, the base is two coats of my super favourite Nevermind Polish Basilisk Bite. I saw this polish at a destash back when I had never heard of this brand and it stuck in my mind for months before I eventually bought the entire collection. If you have been following my nail art journey, you’ll know what a sucker I am for these glowy, shifty multichromes. This one has a pale holographic base colour with vibrant shimmer that travels easily from a bright teal green to blue to purple and even to pink. The matching metallic ultrachrome flakies elevate the base and take it to a whole other level!

Over this stunning base, I stamped some images using Moyra black stamping polish and Creative Shop plate-150 for the index and pinky fingers, and plate-151 for the middle and ring fingers. For these last two fingers, I went over the black stamped images and double-stamped the same image using Tonic Polish Peacock Parade as the stamping polish (do I even bother inserting a description of this cult favourite?). I love how shifty yet subtle this turned out to be.

It was a challenge and a half stamping with Peacock Parade and lining up the image over the black since the stamped image was so very faint. It wasn’t a perfect job, but it works I think.

Let me know what you think of this strange but delicate mani. Creepy images like this are at the core of my deep love for Creative Shop plates. I’ll be back soon with my contribution to the matte collab. Until then, toodles & keep safe! I’ll leave you with a short clip showing just how shifty the base is and how beautifully this polish works with Peacock Parade!

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