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Salty Kisses & Seashell Wishes

If there’s one type of manicure I adore, it’s a reverse-stamped negative space one. Having shorter nails makes it very time-efficient to colour in any of those large images from my Moyra plates, and I was actually able to do this during a phone meeting! Yay for multitasking (and audio-only!).

The image I stamped (and promptly smeared) is from Moyra Aquatic (plate-68) using Moyra black stamping polish. I coloured in the image using several polishes: Picture Polish Pooh (yellow) and Summer (coral, original formula with glitters), Tonic Polish Deep Sea-crets (aqua) and Powder Perfect Profound Promise (hot pink).

On the remaining fingers, I am wearing three coats of the gorgeous Lele by Bees Knees Lacquer. I have been eyeing several polishes released by BKL for nearly a year now and this polish was the tipping point for me. I went ahead and bought several others along with this, and I don’t regret it a single bit! Just look at that stunning glow – I couldn’t get myself to cover it up with any stamping!

So there it is. I absolutely love this mani and wish I hadn’t ruined it by being impatient and smearing it. I did try it matte but prefer it glossy to bring out all the sparkle and shimmer. I’ll leave you with one last picture. Until the next post, toodles & stay safe!

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