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Ferrite Leaves

How many ways can you spin the word “magnetic”? I’m clearly on a mission to find out, as I like to name all my magnetic manis as such! Today, I have a reverse-stamped foliage mani using a beautiful but subtle rust-coloured magnetic polish.

The base is two coats of the stunning Sophia from Tonic Polish, a beautiful blue multichrome from the Golden Girls quad. It is chock-full of shifty green to purple to pink shimmer that gives it an ethereal glow. Fun fact if you’re a Tonic nerd like myself: Sophia is based in another beauty by Tonic called Greenglow, one of my all-time favourite polishes and one of the main causes of my dive down the rabbit hole of indie polish! I’ve always loved Sophia, but when I found out it was a rework off Greenglow, I went on a determined hunt for it and was lucky enough to snag a bottle at a destash!

I stamped the image from Moyra Forest (plate-69) and used Moyra light green stamping polish (SP-15). Next, I filled in the leaves with Masura Blooming Roses, a muted, smoky red with red shimmer. I have been obsessing for quite a while over reverse-stamping with magnetics, but haven’t been able to bring out the magnetic effect successfully until now. This time, I stamped the image, placed my stamper on top of my neodymium magnet bar and painted in the leaves with the magnet still underneath. This brought the magnetic shimmer out immediately as I was painting and before the polish and a chance to dry. The effect is subtle in this polish because of the matching shimmer but it worked beautifully!

I really love these colours together and was very happy with the way this turned out. I’ve really been digging blues recently (well, all my life really) and have a series of blue manis to share. Let me know what you think of this and share some tips if you have reverse-stamped with magnetic polish. Until the next post, toodles, wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain distance even if the lockdown has been lifted where you live – it may be under control, but isn’t over yet!

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