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Hi, there! I have finally mustered up the will to post again after that unannounced hiatus. I seem to be pulling a lot of disappearing acts, but believe me when I say this is my safe and happy space and I always want to continue posting, even when I don’t seem to have the energy to do so!

It’s not like I’ve been having any more difficult a time than the next person. This lockdown has been difficult on everyone in one way or the other and we all must do what we can to retain our sanity. Mr ACD and I have been juggling childcare and work, and we are finding that Baby ACD has been exhibiting some behavioural issues from lack of attention. As a result, we’ve been making a more determined effort to spend quality time together as a family, both parents present, to try and keep said tantrums in check! All that to say, there is (once again) precious little time for nail art (or even a shower some days!)…

And if all that wasn’t enough, I had my gallbladder removed last month after a traumatic two days of pain, after which the riots in Minnesota – and then elsewhere – began and I just didn’t find myself wanting to blog about nails! What a year this has been! However, one must hope amidst all this there is some light – I know I for one have been finding myself more consistently counting all my blessings in life.

To try and spring back into action, here is a manicure I did back in February – oh, that feels like a lifetime ago, a pre-COVID world! It looked to me like a more geometric version of magnetic flux, which seems quite appropriate given that the base polish is magnetic.

The base is two coats of KBShimmer Just A Phase, a magnetic multichrome polish that shifts between red, pink, gold, green, copper and peach. I don’t usually lean towards pinks and purples and it took me years to wear this one but I was quite taken aback by how shifty it is!

Over this shifty base is some very simple stamping using an image from Moyra Nature (plate-32) and Sally Hansen InstaDri in Cherry Fast.

As always, I am hoping to resume regular activity on this blog, but only time will tell; oftentimes even the best of intentions on my part and the greatest amount of love for this space fail to allow for the time to do any blogging, much less nail art! Until the next post, I hope you will remain healthy, safe and positive! Sending much love!

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