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A Grave Misunderstanding

Hello, folks! It seems I may have misunderstood the instructions to socially distance and extended them to social media as well! Oopsie! Better late than never, right?

Jokes aside, how have you all been? I have sorely missed this blog and nail art and downtime in general. I began a new job in March, and this pandemic descended a mere two weeks into it! Before I could say “But wait!”, I dived headfirst into being trained, reporting season, not to mention childcare as Mr ACD has also been working full-time. It has been full-on survival mode for us. That said, we are very well aware of just how privileged and blessed we are to have the job security, a child whose natural equilibrium is to be happy, and flexible work hours! Now that we have settled into our own groove – albeit an unusual one for us – I look at this period as a gift of time with my family. Among other great things to come out of this time, we are well on our way to potty-training Baby ACD! Exciting times!

Today, I have a manicure that is very special to me. I did this for the #halloweenforevercollab on Instagram. The theme was “favourite duo” and since it was around Valentine’s Day, I picked Victor and Emily from The Corpse Bride.

With this hand, I shall cup your… Oh, goodness, no!

With this candle, I shall… set your mother on fire,

With this hand, I shall take your cup.


Victor Van Dort

Wow, my nails were long in February! I have been wearing them very short in an effort to stave off dirt and germs since the lockdown, and these nails from the pictures don’t feel like my own!

The base is three coats of the beautiful, smokey Ignite by Cadillacquer. It is a deep grey jelly with different-sized turquoise and red/orange/green iridescent glitter. The pictures below show three coats with topcoat. I just love how squishy this polish is!

Next, on my index and pinky fingers, I stamped some hearts using Hit The Bottle stamping polish in Poison Apple and Mundo de Unas (MDU) Burton’s Dreams 2 stamping plate.

For the images of Victor and Emily, I stamped from MDU Burton’s Dreams stamping plate with Moyra stamping polish in black. I filled in Victor’s face with Born Pretty white stamping polish and a mix of a few colours for the flesh tone.

Emily’s face is mostly Tonic Polish Luminescent, with some blue and pink stamping polish for the eyes, lips and garland.

I was over the moon with how well Luminescent works for Emily’s skintone, adding an ethereal glow that is a nod to her famed beauty. Just look at that shift from blue to purple and the sparkle of the tiny holographic particles! I feel this polish was made for her!

If you’ve read this far, please leave a comment and let me know how you’ve been doing, what you’ve been doing during this lockdown, any little morsel of information really because I have missed you!

I’m hoping to be a little more present on the blog, even though I haven’t been doing a lot of nail art lately (I do have a couple of manis saved from the pre-COVID world). And who knows, maybe that will inspire me to indulge in some new nail art as well. Until then, toodles, stay healthy and be safe!

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