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Vampy Valentine’s Mani

Hello! I’m back today with a fluid mani for #fluidfridayfriends. The suggested palette, though half of it was red and therefore outside my comfort zone, was deliciously dark and vampy.

For the fluid art puddles, I used the following polishes: Sally Hansen Rapid Red (bright red), AEngland Anne Boleyn (deep oxblood red holo), Tonic Polish Pepper Undies (smokey purple-grey) and my DIY black spot-it polish. As usual, I laid down a generous amount of the spot-it polish, added dabs of the other three colours and then smooshed it gently with a flat-headed stamper.

On the pinky finger, I applied three thin coats of Zoya Pixie Dust Chyna. I love how texture polishes look with fluids!

I really loved how this one turned out! I was blown away by how much dimension the holo in Anne Boleyn added to the mix with the other crème polishes. I did apply two coats of top coat (Tonic Topper) and the end result looked like glass! The only downside to this whole mani was the clean-up; it was a total nightmare! I went through two rounds of clean-up with acetone, poking around the cuticles with the pointy end of a cuticle stick, but the red and black polishes stained pretty badly (I’m looking at you, Rapid Red!) so I applied copious amounts of cuticle oil and the dug at it some more with the pointy cuticle stick. All in all, an arduous four-hour clean-up time.

I meant to take a few more macro shots the next day, but I was wearing peel-off base coat and lost two nails while assembling Baby ACD’s indoor playground (yes to anything that will physically tire her out through this endless snow).

Let me know what you think of this one. Do you like red polish? I find that my brain resists the idea, but I have recently loved many a red mani. I’ll be back soon with yet another mani, and until then, toodles!

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