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Hello, folks! I’m back sooner than I’d planned because I’m going to try and avoid a huge backlog of manis again!

An Instagram friend and fellow nail art/polish lover, Danielle, has recently been having a difficult time with life in general, so a few of us got together and created manis in her favourite colours as a pick-me-up.

The base is two coats of Tonic Polish Light Of Lyra. On all fingers but the ring finger, I stamped some stars using Hit The Bottle Peacock Shimmer and Moyra Geometry (plate-08). Danielle fights on a daily basis with chronic illness, but is an incredibly strong and positive person, and a true star.

The accent nail was inspired by her gorgeous, flaming ginger hair. I stamped the image from Moyra Faces (plate-12) using black stamping polish, then filled it in using a few different colours to get the skin colour, the same blue stamping polish from the other nails for the lips (Danielle wears blue lipstick often) and Tonic Polish Blood On My Hands for the glowing red hair.

This was my second failed attempt at stamping a face! I don’t know what it is about faces, but they all come out looking like semi-humanoid creatures by the time they’re on my nails!

Let me know what you think of this and if you have as much trouble reverse-stamping faces. I’ll be back tomorrow with my fluid art. Until then, toodles!

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