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Laws Of Attraction

Hello! It’s been ages since my last post, or so it feels like! We’ve been a sick, sick household – first Baby came down with a cold and then conjunctivitis/pink eye, which she promptly and generously shared with me. I then caught a cold, and I daresay the flu (but who has time for doctors), during which time Baby had diarrhea and a subsequent diaper rash from the acidic nature of said diarrhea. Neither of us liked that Mr ACD was being left out, so I gave him my cold while Baby gave him conjunctivitis. A family that suffers together, stays together! Oh, did I mention Baby also has canines popping out, and my cold has now progressed on to a sinus infection?

So, long story short, nail art and the blog have been way down on my list of priorities, but I’m back today and that’s what’s important.

This mani I have today was done for the monthly #magneticmagicnail collaboration on Instagram, and our theme was a Valentine’s mani in non-traditional colours.

The base polish is a coat of Masura Paradise over a coat of black (Sinful Colors Black On Black), magnetized with a bar magnet. Over that, I stamped on two patterns from Moyra Perfect Match (plate-65) using Maybelline Bold Gold as stamping polish. I don’t have many plates with heart patterns on them, and that’s what I wanted for this mani.

Let me know what you think of this. Do you do your nails for Valentine’s Day? I never have, but I did do them for a collab last year and wore them for a couple of days before the date.

I did do my fluid Friday mani this week, so I’ll be back with that on Friday. Until then, stay well and keep warm!

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