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The Reason For The Seasons

Hello, folks! If you hate the cold winters and wish it were summer all year long, you can blame the Greek goddess Persephone. The myth goes that once flowers used to bloom and fruit would grow all year round. Wherever the goddess Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, would tread, some form of life would grow. However, the god of the underworld, Hades, loved Persephone passionately and one day he kidnapped her and took her with him to the underworld. Demeter seethed with rage and the world turned cold, lifeless and infertile; fruit stopped growing and the mortals starved. She searched high and low for her daughter, until one day she found out that Persephone had been taken to the underworld by Hades. Persephone was miserable in her captivity and refused to eat or drink anything for months. Starving and withering away, she waited to be rescued, until one day she could bear it no longer when Hades offered her some pomegranate seeds and she accepted. Halfway through her meal of the delicious seeds, her mother appeared. Now Hades was a tricky fellow; when confronted by Demeter, he reminded her that according to the rules of the underworld, Persephone would have to stay on since she had consumed food from there! Demeter and Hades got into a huge fight and the world above continued to grow colder and darker, and the mortals starved. Eventually, Zeus could watch the suffering of the mortals no longer and had to intervene. He found a middle ground: since Persephone had only consumed half the seeds, she would have to spend six months of the year with Hades as his wife in the underworld. The other six months she could spend with her mother in the light of the world above. For the half of the year that Persephone spent with Demeter, the world was bright, fruit and flowers grew, and it was lovely and warm. When she had to go join Hades for the rest of the year, the world grew darker and colder, the trees lost their leaves and nothing would grow. And that, my friends, is the mythological explanation for the seasons.

The palette for #fluidfridayfriends this week was not just beautiful, the inspiration picture itself was… well, very inspirational!

I knew right away that I was going to use two images of pomegranates from one of my very first Creative Shop plates. I fell in love with that plate the instant I saw it, but haven’t had a chance to use these images in over three years! However, I also knew that this image over a fluid base would be way too busy, so I decided not to do fluid art on all nails this time around.

For the fluid art base, I used Powder Perfect Profound Promise, Pure Ice Playful Purple, Moyra light pink stamping polish (19), Born Pretty ML01 (Nirvana) and my DIY white spot-it polish.

The ring finger is basically just a reverse-stamped image over base-coated bare nails. I love negative space nail art, and this ensured things didn’t get too busy. I had to shrink the image of the pomegranates. I stamped with Moyra black stamping polish and the plate was Creative Shop 39. I filled in the pomegranates with a mix of AEngland Rose Bower and Profound Promise, the leaves with Powder Perfect Magic Of Imagination, and the flowers with Color Club Harp On It. I reverse-stamped another image of a pomegranate cracked open from the same plate and used the same stamping polish and the same mix of the two pink polishes to fill in. I later applied this over the fluid art on my index finger.

Despite the awkwardness of the hand pose, I love how the thumb gets to sneak into this picture below!

This palette is right up my alley and I really love how these came out. Profound Promise, featured in the shot above, contains tiny holographic particles and it adds some bling to the fluid art.

Of course I had to try mattifying it. Much as I loved the mani matte, it does look much brighter – juicier, if you will – glossy.

The green stamping polish that I had to use in the fluid base stained my cuticles badly, so excuse the bad clean-up job. Otherwise, I was very happy with this mani. Let me know what you think of this and whether you enjoyed the story up top. Until the next post, toodles, and if you’re having winter remember Persephone probably has it worse!

3 thoughts on “The Reason For The Seasons

  1. Wow, this mani is… WOW!
    I’m sorry I’m only now commenting on your (more or less) recent posts.
    We’ve been busy preparing the house move, and it’s been time-consuming. Just 2 more weeks, and then everything will be sorted out.

    Liked by 1 person

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