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Night Elf Duo By Treo Lacquer

*PR Sample

Hello, folks! Today I have for you my very first swatching gig! I was kindly sent the Night Elf duo by Amanda of Treo Lacquer. These are two thermal polishes inspired by Tyrande Whisperwind and her husband, Malfurion Stormrage, from the World of Warcraft. Both polishes shift from a clear/pale grey in the warm state to a vibrant, almost neon, purple in the cold, but have different-coloured glitters that make them very different, as you’ll see.

Tyrande is a clear to purple tri-thermal with iridescent blue-purple shifting glitter and tiny silver microglitter. Here, I am wearing three coats along with top coat.

I love the warm state of this polish so much! It has a soft pinkish, delicate, squishy feel and looks quite ethereal! I was also very impressed with how sensitive the polish was, changing colours quickly with the temperature.

Let’s be honest here, I am no swatcher, but nail artist I definitely am, so I couldn’t just let these polishes be. I did some simple stamping to let the beautiful base shine through. I was inspired by the blue hues in the glitter to stamp these lovely droplets from Creative Shop plate-52 using Born Pretty turquoise stamping polish (#18).

Moving on to Malfurion, this is also a clear to purple tri-thermal, but with iridescent yellow-gold glitter and green microglitters. Here’s Malfurion in three coats and top coat.

I was quite surprised at how different the two polishes look with just a difference in the colour of glitters they contain! Even the base colour in the warm state – supposed to be colourless/clear – looks quite different because of the glitters.

Once again, I wanted to do some simple stamping over this pretty base, so I went with an image of succulents from Creative Shop plate-37. I love doing disappearing manis with thermal polishes, so I stamped with Moyra grey stamping polish (#23).

And there you have it. The Night Elf duo is available in the Treo Lacquer store, so go snatch yours up today!

Let me know what you think of these. Do you love thermal polish? I think they’re a lot of fun, but I almost never buy them because the colour-shifting pigment has a limited shelf life and I want my polish to last forevaaaa! I’ll be back on Friday with another edition of #fluidfriday, and until then, toodles!