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Hot Chocolate Vibes

Hello! I’m determined to try and do as many of the #fluidfridayfriends prompts as I can after the long break last year, so even though I was far from thrilled to see this mostly-brown palette this week, I dove headfirst into it anyway. And guess what, I really liked the outcome!

I used Tonic Polish Taking On Toronto (deep brown), Cirque Colors Red Hook (rust), Sally Hansen Bare Hug (beige) and my DIY white spot-it polish. As usual, I lay down a generous amount of the spot-it on my mat, then dripped drops of each of the other colours, and smooshed down with my flat-headed Creative Shop galaxy stamper. I like this technique because the decals are generally thinner than just swirling the polish around and you also get two decals out of each puddle if you use the portion on the stamper head.

I really loved how these came out, although it was a tad more reddish than I had hoped for. I love using some shimmery polishes in fluid art because it adds some whimsy, and that’s just what the Tonic polish did here. I wish I had remembered to take a picture in direct sunlight.

Because I was getting major hot chocolate vibes from this palette, I added some reverse-stamping to it.

The image of the steaming cup is from Creative Shop plate-39, stamped with Moyra black stamping polish and filled in with white stamping polish by Born Pretty. I used the same white polish and Creative Shop plate-37 to stamp the cinnamon sticks and star anise for the middle and index fingers respectively, and filled in with Taking On Toronto. I then stamped again over the reverse-stamped images in black for some added interest. I absolutely love thatj they came out looking like sketches!

Let me know what you think of this spicy, chocolatey mani. I may not like brown polish, but I sure love chocolate! Also, fun fact about me, star anise may be my favourite spice. I absolutely love throwing one into a cup of black tea; the aroma combined with that subtle sweetness is the perfect complement to tea, in my humble opinion. And given just how frigid it is outside today, that would be so very welcome right about now!

I’ll be back with another mani soon. Until then, stay warm if it is also frigid where you live, and have a great weekend regardless of the temperature wherever you may be!