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That’s Bugging Me!

Hello! I haven’t been very motivated to post lately or be on social media very much. This lack of sunshine is really getting to me now. I think vacation and home combined, we’ve had about 3 days of sunshine since November! It’s gloomy and sad outside, so that’s how we’re feeling on the inside too. And it’s not just the adults either, Baby ACD (and her buddy, our neighbour) are feeling it too! The cold, I don’t mind so much, but can the sun please make an appearance already? Especially since Baby has just learnt to say “sun”?

I did this mani last week and wore it until today, when a part of it caught on my hair and got ripped off. I love me some bugs any day of the year!

This mani was a little too eclectic for my liking but it was also fun enough that I didn’t want to redo anything over. On the index and pinky fingers, I’m wearing three thin coats of Cadillacquer Summer Rain, a gorgeous pale blue crelly with green-gold shifting ultrachrome flakies and holographic sparkle.

On my thumb and one half of my middle finger, I applied two coats of Tonic Polish Kelpie Parade, a gorgeous multichrome polish that shifts gold-green-teal-dark blue. This polish is what my multichrome- and blue-green-loving heart has been yearning for! Just look at that bottle in the first picture: those shifts are all real and no trickery involving the camera or lighting or editing is responsible!

But, do you also see how Summer Rain with its shifty flakies holds its own next to Kelpie? Ah, polish dreams are coming true!

Over Kelpie, I made some dots using a dotting tool and Summer Rain. I love how the blue dots seem to sink into the green!

For the ring finger and the remaining half of the middle finger, I made a decal with an image stamped with black from Moyra Bughunter (plate-68). I coloured in the bugs with Kelpie Parade and the leaves with Summer Rain. Over a base coat, I proceeded to apply a thin coat of ILNP Gaia, a clear topper with super-shifty ultrachrome flakies that go from a blue to teal to a grass green. Over this, I applied the decal. I really love a negative space accent nail!

I loved how shifty this mani was. The flakies in Summer Rain and Gaia perfectly complement Kelpie Parade and shift very easily between colours.

Let me know how you like this mani. I’ll be back soon with another mani and until then, stay warm!

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