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Marled Knit Fluid Art

Hello, and a happy new year to all my readers! It’s been busy since we got back home from our month-long vacation, and we’re finally settling back into some semblance of routine. Baby ACD has gone back to daycare this week, which means I’ve had a little bit of time for nail arting. And what better way to kick off the new year than with a fluid mani – an art form I have grown to love over the past year and one I hope to spend a little more time perfecting this year.

The palette for #fluidfridayfriends this week was a muted pastel-y one, right up my alley!

I didn’t have a lot of the exact colours, and ended up using the closest I could manage. The green I had was rather bright and made it look brighter overall.

For this mani, I used my medium grey frankenpolish, Sinful Colors Innocent (green), Color Club Macaroon Swoon (yellow), L’Oreal Julianne’s Nude (a terra cotta-leaning nude) and Wet ‘n Wild I Need A Refresh-mint (blue), along with my DIY clear spot-it polish. I started by laying down a good amount of the clear spot-it, then added drops of all the others over it and smooshed gently with a flat-headed stamper (Creative Shop space stampers work great for this).

For some reason, I always seem to have a lot of trouble photographing fluid nail art; the camera just doesn’t want to focus! I don’t quite know what it is I can do about it, so if you have any tips, please drop a comment!

I ended up stamping a simple knit pattern over this because it reminded me of a marled knit sweater. I used Moyra black stamping polish and Fabric Textures (plate-02), along with matte top coat.

Let me know what you think of this mani. I quite like it! How’s your year going so far? Ours has been quite ordinary and uneventful so far – always good news with a toddler around! Baby ACD has been a little sad and has been missing her grandparents and cousins, so we’re focusing all our energy and attention on her at the moment. She has resumed daycare this week, and we’re hoping she’ll enjoy her time with friends enough to move on from being miserable about family back home.

I’ll be back soon with the mani I just did today to wear over the weekend. Until then, toodles!

4 thoughts on “Marled Knit Fluid Art

  1. Ah, fun. I’m all about the unexpected colour combinations at the moment. The world is still very much my oyster to paint around here, so I’m considering all kinds of wild ideas. Watermarbling my walls would totally be easy, right?

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