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Cross A Line

Hello, folks! It’s chilly where I am at the moment, and even though a temperature of 14°C (57F) seems practically tropical compared to what we left behind in Ottawa – a balmy -27°C (-16F) – we are not equipped with heaters or insulation here and can really feel the chill! So, here’s a fall plaid mani to celebrate this weather here.

On my index finger, I’m wearing four, yes four coats of Color Club Make A Move from their Starstudded collection, a rust-coloured texture polish. You can’t tell, but my nail line still shows through a little, even after four coats! Facepalm, if ever there was reason for it!

On my ring finger, I have on a single coat of the beautiful Polished For Days Saltwater, a navy blue crème. Learn, Color Club, learn! On the remaining fingers, I have on three coats of KBShimmer It’s Petrifying, one of my first and favourite glitter crellies. It is a taupe crelly polish with different sized glitters in magenta, yellow, orange, black and white.

For the ring finger, I reverse-stamped a fox image from Drk-Nails Seasons plate. I stamped the image with orange stamping polish by Born Pretty and filled it in with white. I used a ballpoint pen to dot on the eyes. On the remaining fingers, I stamped a plaid pattern using Moyra dark blue and beige stamping polish, along with a combination of Born Pretty orange and red to get a rust colour. I used Uber Chic plate Pretty In Plaid.

I had the fox reverse-stamped and painted in on the stamper for weeks before I got around to doing this mani. If you’re ever in a similar situation, remember to apply a thin coat of clear polish on it right when you are ready to use the image and it will be pliable and good as new!

Let me know what you think of this mani. I liked it enough to wear it on both hands, but I will make sure to wear undies under the texture polish in the future. It is a gorgeous polish, but I don’t do four coats, nope.

I’ll be back soon with some more nail art. As our vacation nears its end, I am full of bittersweet feelings. Much as I’ll miss the chaos and joy of being surrounded by family, I sure will be glad to be home again. Until the next post, toodle-loo & keep warm!

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