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Hello, folks! Even though I had every intention of posting more frequently, it’s hard to find time on vacation! Have you ever shared a residence with other individuals whose parenting styles are vastly different from yours? Then you might have an inkling of how much subtlety and diplomacy is called for in dealing with situations in order to ensure one does not come across as judgemental or imposing, while sticking to one’s own guns. It is exhausting and I do feel proud of my lil’ champosauras for not making a big fuss when she is (constantly) denied the “goodies” that her cousins seem to survive on – a near-exclusive diet of candy, cookies and chips, unlimited screentime and basically absolute domination over every adult member in the household.

This situation is what inspired me to post this mani, as I was thinking of the word catercorner – which means diagonally opposite – pretty much where our parenting styles seem to stand, and a common mispronunciation of the word is cattycorner.

This was one of the manis I did for a “Black Caturday” prompt for Halloween, but ended up going with another one in the end. I quite liked it, but it didn’t seem very Halloween-y to me.

The base is three coats of the gorgeous Cerise Noir by Tonic Polish, a black jelly polish with pink shimmer and iridescent flakies. I cannot express how beautiful this polish is! It was made as a group custom for the Blackhearted Beauties Facebook group around the spring of 2018, and may be re-released in the future.

On the ring finger, I reverse-stamped this adorable cat image from Creative Shop plate-149. I stamped with Born Pretty white stamping polish, and filled in with AEngland Natasha’s Dance and Born Pretty WR06 (pink) and ML02 (metallic green).

On the middle finger, I used a gradient of the three Born Pretty polishes to stamp on this cat face image from the same plate. I wanted the beautiful base colour to show through, so I made some simple dots on the remaining nails using the same the stamping polishes.

Whenever I wear a polish like this that I really love, I say I’ll wear it again soon, but the truth is that I have too many beauties that I don’t get around to wearing as often as I’d like. I’ve slowed down my purchases, but there are still too many that I must have. My goal for the new year is to slow down some more and shop my stash more often.

What are your goals for the new year? Do you own Cerise Noir? Does this mani look spooky to you? Let me know! I’ll be back as soon as I can manage with yet another unseasonal mani! Until then, toodles!

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