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Magnetic Scrolls

Hello, folks! In an effort to clear out some of the nail art backlog from my phone, I bring to you today this mani that I did sometime over the summer and never got around to posting.

The base colour is a gorgeous light coral colour with an intensely strong pink shimmer, Sunset Cruise by Cirque Colors. This polish truly glows from within with that vibrant shimmer… Just look at that bottle!

Over this base, I did some simple double stamping using an image from Moyra Ornaments (plate #03). I first stamped the image using Moyra black stamping polish. Next, I stamped the same image with a magnetic black polish, Wind Of Orchids by Masura.

I stamped the second image as per usual, although I wish I had aligned better. Next, working one nail at a time, I applied my usual quick-dry top coat and immediately held my bar magnet over each nail to magnetize.

The magnetic polish does have some flakies in it and you can sort of see some in the macros. Had I aligned the images better, I would have been very happy with this mani. I love using magnetic polish for stamping but I haven’t done another in a while.

Let me know what you think of this. Until the next post, keep warm and festive and happy! Toodles!

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