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A Plaid Kick

Hello, folks! I’ve really been on a plaid kick and did a bunch of plaid manis back to back. I recently found out there’s a matte mani collaboration on Instagram, and given how much I love matte, how could I refrain from joining? The theme for November was recreation of a friend’s mani (in fall colours and with a leaf to signify friendship, but I totally missed those details when I did mine… oops!). I loved a particular mani that I’d seen Oksana, a.k.a. The Polished Koi, do last year, and had to recreate that one. Her original mani is the first picture below (follow the link above to see more of her mani):

On all but the ring finger, the base is two coats of the gorgeous Tonic Polish Quasistellar, a vibrant aqua-blue-purple shifting multichrome base with holographic sparkle. This polish itself is a gesture of friendship; despite how rare and hard to come by it is (and therefore, expensive), a generous polish friend sold it to me practically for pennies last year. On my ring finger, I’m wearing two coats of one of my favourite Tonics, Lunar Lust, a grey crème base with a vibrant aqua-purple shifting shimmer and a sparse smattering of holographic sparkle.

On the thumb, index and middle fingers, I stamped a plaid pattern using Uber Chic Pretty In Plaid plate, Moyra black stamping polish and Maybelline Bold Gold. On the pinky finger, I used the same two stamping polishes and Moyra Vintage (plate #05) and double-stamped the blotchy pattern.

On the ring finger, I stamped an image of a cat from an old Bundle Monster plate, BM-S151. On the stamper, I filled in the nose with pink stamping polish and the eye with Tonic Quasistellar, then reverse-stamped it onto my nail. Just look at those gorgeous complementary shifts in Lunar Lust and Quasistellar!

As this was for a matte collab, that’s how I wore it, but I thought it looked quite pretty glossy as well.

If you’re on Instagram, check out the hashtag, #mattemanimoms, to see the other beautiful recreations! I got lucky on my first go and was one of the winners of a giveaway for this collab. Beginner’s luck? I think so!

I’ll be back soon with another one of my saved manis. I’m going to try and post them all while we’re on vacation so that I can begin to post current manis once I’m back home. Until the next post, toodles!

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