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Hello, folks! We’re halfway across the world right now, visiting family, and we’re all so jetlagged! Baby ACD was an absolute champ during our long flight here. The last leg of the journey was a bit frustrating, as she kept waking up and crying and I was already exhausted beyond measure, but all in all, she was better than we had dared hope for. Now that we’re here, the poor thing is having a bit of trouble adjusting her circadian rhythm, and I’m succumbing to the jetlag along with her so I can keep her company when she’s up and ready to play all night! On top of that, she has a bit of an upset stomach and not much appetite, so she’s not her usual cheerful self. Here’s hoping her little body adjusts soon and she goes back to being the hyper little monster we know and love!

I figured there’s nothing better than an adorable minion to cheer one up during all this jetlag and adjustment struggles. I did this mani a couple of months ago and it’s one of my favourites of the whole year!

The base is two coats of Twister On The Tides by Painted Polish. It’s the only one I own from this brand and the only polish I have ever purchased from Polish Pickup (PPU). I love a good yellow polish and this one with blue flakies was calling out to me so loud that I just had to grab it. I’m very glad I did because I absolutely adore this polish. The formula is like butter, coverage is fantastic and the flakies disperse evenly and smoothly. It also dried surprisingly glossy even without topcoat.

I stamped on a simple knit pattern over the base. The image is from Moyra Fabric Texture (plate-2) and I used used dark blue stamping polish by Born Pretty (#7). On the ring finger, I applied a water decal of the minion that I bought from AliExpress a couple of years ago.

Simple as it is, I really, really love this mani! I wore it for several days and was amazed at how little chipping or tip wear I had! I try not to purchase from too many different brands and in that spirit, to keep away from PPU because there are too many rabbit holes for me to go down and I would rather stay above ground with an occasional trip down my Tonic rabbit hole! But Painted Polish definitely has my attention with this gorgeous polish and I’m not so sure I’m happy about it!

Time for me to “turn in for the night” since it’s mid-afternoon already! Let me know what you think of this mani and I’ll be back soon with another one. Until then, toodles, and if you have tips to cure jetlag, especially in toddlers, please leave a comment!

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