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A Hole In The World

There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit that’s filled with people who are filled with shit, and the vermin of the world inhabit it.

Hello, folks! Sweeney Todd has to be one of my most favourite musicals of all time, right up there with Cats and Sunday In The Park With George. I got these fantastic stamping plates from Mundo de Unas (MdU) last year and have been meaning to do a Sweeney Todd mani, so the theme for the #halloweenforever collaboration on Instagram for November was the perfect opportunity. The theme was unwanted Thanksgiving dinner guest, and who better than the demon barber on Fleet Street? Imagine opening your door to find the sulky Mr. Todd standing on your doorstep, holding a plate of Mrs. Lovett’s infamous meat pies!

The base on all fingers is a sponge gradient using AEngland Rose Bower (red) and Natasha’s Dance (deep blue-black), two stunning holographic polishes. I tried stamping on the gradient first, since both of these are one-coater polishes, but didn’t have much luck getting a smooth transition, so I went over it with a sponge instead.

On the index finger, I first stamped on the recipe for a delectable meat pie from Moyra stamping plate-22, Gastromania, using Born Pretty white stamping polish. Over that, I reverse-stamped an image of a meat pie using the same plate and Moyra black stamping polish, and filling the image in with Moyra beige stamping polish. The image was actually that of a cake, but I took off some details to make it look like a meat pie.

On the middle finger, I reverse-stamped the face of the barber himself. The image is from MdU plate, Burton’s Dreams, and I first stamped with black then filled in with grey and a mix of white and beige stamping polish to get a pale skin tone, with some silver for the cowlick.

On the remaining fingers and thumb, I reverse-stamped various barber’s tools from Moyou London Artist plate-20. I stamped in black and filled in with silver and grey stamping polishes. In Mr. Todd’s words, “At last, my arms are complete again!”, which I hope he on the middle finger said once I got these on my nails!

I wore this mani matte and I have to say, I was in complete love with it! I wore it for a few days until one popped off… The downside to wearing peel-off base coat…

Who would be your unwanted Thanksgiving guest? Do you love Sweeney Todd as much as I do? I’ve never seen the show on Broadway and it is my dream to do so one day.

We’re halfway across the world visiting family, but I hope all of you who are in the way of the snowstorms are warm, have power and are safe. Until the next post, toodles!

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