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Another Pillar Of Success

Hello, folks! If failure is the pillar of success, then I’m another step closer to epic success with this mani I have to share today. I did this for the prompt of paisley for the #clairestelle8challenge and while there is nothing wrong with it per se, but I kinda hate it!

The base is a single coat of the gorgeous Sleeping Palace by AEngland, a plum holographic that is quite subtle, almost brownish indoors, but which comes alive in the sun. I stamped over that with a magnetic polish by Masura, A Kiss In The Teahouse, with a couple of different paisley images from Born Pretty plate BP-X09. I topcoated after stamping and then magnetized the polish to find the faint coppery magnetic shimmer way too inconspicuous over the base polish. So then, I used the same plate and a mix of Moyra beige stamping polish and Born Pretty white to stamp one of the images on two fingers.

You can kind of see the coppery magnetic stamping in the macros. I think it looks okay, but this was not what I had envisioned at all and overall I thought it was a big dud. It might also have a little something to do with the fact that I don’t really like paisley as a pattern and was feeling rather uninspired.

What’s your least favourite print? Mine has to be paisleys and pretty much any animal print. Geometrics though, top of the list! I’ll be back soon with a fun (American) Thanksgiving mani, the last for this month’s #clairestelle8challenge. I won’t be here all of December and won’t be participating. I’ve really enjoyed the last two months of partaking in this challenge; I’d been stuck in a bit of a nail art rut and the prompts really helped get me out of it and feel inspired again! Until the next post, toodle-loo and keep warm!

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